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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions



Product Questions


Can I order large quantities of posters at a discount?

What do you mean your posters are “Free”?

Can I share the free printable posters you offer with my friends?

What type of poster printing process do you use?

How long will your posters last?

How big are your posters?

Do you own the copyrights to the quotes and photos you use on your posters?


Service Questions


How long before I get my posters?

Do you have a catalog?

How can you offer such an excellent guarantee?

Do you offer gift certificates?

Do you offer gift wrapping?

Do you sell your posters in local stores or chain stores?

Do you offer express service?

Can I have the posters sent to a different address other than my own?

Is your shopping cart secure?

Who should I contact if I’m having problems with your website?

Do you have distributors in different parts of the world?

How can I become your distributor outside the United States?

Shipping Questions


Do you ship outside the United States?

Do you offer Express or next day shipping?

How much will shipping really cost me?

How can you afford to offer flat rate shipping?

What happens if my posters arrive damaged?

Do you guarantee your shipping times?

What shipping service do you use?

Are there any hidden costs when ordering from you?


Miscellaneous Questions


How long have you been in business?

Why is your company name P-R Posters™? What does this mean?

Why did you start P-R Posters™?

Tell me about your company

Do you accept purchase orders?

Can you bill my company for the posters I order?

Do you charge sales tax?

We need a copy of your W9 for our purchase department. How dow we get it?

What are some of the movies and TV shows that have purchased your posters?

Do you offer an affiliate program?

Can I work for your company?

Can I sell you my poster designs, so you can sell them to your customers?

Can I recommend a quote or famous saying for you to make a poster from?

Can I use your poster designs on my website if I give you credit?

What are your online policies?

Can I link to your website?

When did you start selling posters online?

Where do you get the background photos that you use?

What are your plans for the future?