Take My Hand


Take My Hand

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Take My Hand


Take my hand and come with me. There’s something I want you to see. Look up there at the big, blue sky, and watch the clouds go floating by. There’s the Cat In The Hat from Doctor Seuss, and a large and very lazy moose. There are rabbits and poodles and puppies up there, and whales and fish, and even a bear. There are faces of all kinds for you to see. Some even look like you and me. There’s a fat man sleeping, with a great big nose, and a wee little baby with curled up toes. There’s a Mama bear with her little cub, and an Indian chief with his big war club. There are monsters of every shape and size, and beautiful creatures before your eyes. Come, take my hand, and look up high. There’s a world of adventure up in the sky.

~ Elizabeth Ann Hammill

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