The Birth of My Garden…


The Birth of My Garden…

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The Birth of My Garden…


The Birth of My Garden – It is the week before the last frost — A time of anticipation and excitement. Soon it will be here… the birth of my garden! I am like a new mother-to-be experiencing her first contractions … Is everything ready for my big event? There are the fears … (will a freeze come after planting all the little ones I’ve been growing and tending for so long?) There are the joys of preparation … (feeling the rich brown earth as I till the soil and ready the beds for the new baby plants arriving soon). There are the dreams for the future … (How beautiful and fragrant and colorful the gardens will be when they’ve grown!). Now the months of preparation are about to shift into high gear as my labor begins … My aching back! My broken nails! My dirty feet! The digging, the planting, the seemingly never-ending aches and pains of an entire day spent bent over on my knees … I’m almost there! Just a few more holes to dig … I can do it! … Or can I? My back is breaking, my hands are cramped, I’m so exhausted! But then I see it … the last little plant in the tray! And I know I can muster every bit of strength I have left to plant it firmly and lovingly in the ground! There! I’ve done it! It’s finished! And as I sit on my porch surveying the gardens before me, I know it was all worth it, and I sigh with relief and swell with pride at the Birth of my Garden!

~ Camille Peltier-Robson

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