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Spanish Posters – why we offer so many to print for free…

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Spanish Posters – why we offer so many to print for free…

Spanish Posters –  Since 2004 Print-A-Poster has been offering our free printable poster designs professionally translated into Spanish. More than 80% of our motivational, educational, inspirational, workplace and fun posters have been translated. Early in our business we realized that there was a huge desire – and need – for our special mini-motivators to be available to Spanish speaking communities.

We hired professional educators who taught Spanish/English…

We knew we wanted to hire professional educators who taught Spanish/English classes to translate our collection of poster designs. This would be the best real-world solution to providing easy to understand, less formal or archaic interpretations of the quotes that were part of our English designs. We set out looking for skilled educators to complete our project.

Months of looking… more months of translating… and even more months of creating our Spanish designs.

We spent months looking for just the right people to actually translate our collection. That was back in the day before Elance, Odesk, and Fiverr. Skilled people had not yet flocked to the Internet to offer their skills on a freelance basis. We contacted schools, educators and Hispanic community organizations and websites. Finally, we hired two educators to complete our work. Once we decided on who to give this challenge to, it took two months to actually complete the translations. I believe our first batch of translations was around 130. And, then our 6 months of work began to fit the translations into our English designs.

Most people don’t realize all that is involved…

Most people don’t realize all that is involved in creating new poster designs and getting them ready to be online. There is way more to it than just choosing an appropriate background photo and slapping some text over it. There’s font choice, font style, font weight and color – and deciding where the quote should be placed. Sounds simple, but to have a poster easy to read and be aesthetically pleasing takes a creative sense and technical skill. We did all of our graphics work in-house, which took more time than having professionals do the job.

It was a little different for the Spanish Posters…

For the Spanish posters in some ways it was a little bit easier, but in many other ways, it was a real challenge. We knew what the background photos would be – after all we were recreating our English designs. We also knew which font, color and styling we would use – again trying to recreate our original English version. But trying to get the Spanish translations to fit in the same area as the English quotes was often times a design headache.

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And then, there was the grind of getting each Spanish design into our catalog/shopping cart system. Again, understand, this was back in the day before there was a hoard of online web developers who would do the work for a low fee. Web designers charged big bucks… and shopping cart specialists were hard to find and even more costly. So, we took responsibility and developed our Spanish poster integration into Print-A-Poster.

More popular than we had anticipated…

So, back in 2004, we started offering our Spanish poster designs available as an option to our English versions. We watched as they became very popular as a printable mini-poster. It was a great feeling to see that the months of work and the costly investment were being so well received. Our Spanish posters were more popular than we had anticipated. One thing we found out almost right away was that teachers and educators were printing out both the English and Spanish versions of our free mini-posters as a teaching tool in their classes. We had never guessed that this might become a useful learning tool. We just realized the large Spanish speaking community was not having access to all that we could offer.

Click Here for a sample of our English/Spanish printable mini-poster Click Here for a sample of our English/Spanish printable mini-poster

Three more rounds of Spanish translations…

Over the years we have added new designs to our collection of free printable mini-posters. And, with the success of our Spanish poster translations, we were committed to translating our new designs into Spanish as well. So, as we grew, so did our collection of Spanish posters. So, now we offer over 400 of our free printable poster designs available as Spanish posters as well. And, we now offer our designs that feature Spanish translations on the same printable page as the English version. When you view a design on our website and click the yellow tab that says “Free Printable Mini-Poster” a .pdf file will come up. It is a standard letter size (8 1/2″x11″) so it’s easy to print on your home printer. Each design page will include both the English and Spanish version of our design.

So, why do we offer so many Spanish Posters?

It really is kind of a selfish thing. Simply put, we do it because it makes us feel good. We really love sharing our mini-motivators with people all around the world. So, we love it, even more, to be able to offer our mini-motivators translated into Spanish. Now we can share with even more people. And, we feel sincere joy and satisfaction knowing that our designs are being used to help teach English/Spanish. After all, what a great way to learn by reading powerful quotes designed to uplift and motivate.

We hope you enjoy our complete collection of free printable poster designs. Print them, download them, share them with your friends. Or, if you want some of the designs in larger sizes they can be purchased professionally printed from the individual poster pages. You can view the complete gallery of all the designs at the Print-A-Poster shop: