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Mastering Your Mistakes - Featured Image Mastering your Mistakes - Everyone fears mistakes and the main reason is judgement. Everyone fears being judged by those superior to them and near them. The truth is, it’s okay to be judged on the one condition that you believe in yourself. You… Continue Reading
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Motivation; The Hero and The Villain - Feature Image Motivation; The Hero and The Villain - The final prospect to understand about motivation is that it doesn’t only encourage you to do something, but may encourage to not do something as well. It can help you overcome fears and blocks, while also being the foundation… Continue Reading
Featured Image - What is Motivation? What is Motivation? - Going by the dictionary definition, Motivation is defined as so; ‘a reason or set of reasons to accomplish something or behave in a particular manner.’ It’s like this driving force we all have, which pushes its own pedal when… Continue Reading
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The Mind Game of Motivation - Featured Image The Mind Game of Motivation - The concept of motivation isn’t a physical one. You can’t touch motivation as if it were an object to attain. Motivation resembles an emotion, or a collection of them that stimulate you to perform an action. Continue Reading